Group Membership


Group Membership

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A Group Membership grants Creative member status to all members of that group and classifies activities in the name of the group similarly to the Fellow level.  All members of the group are eligible for full benefits of guild membership at the Creative level, including discounts, restricted access and resources*.  The group is granted benefits similar to a Fellow member for any activities done in the name of the group. 

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Only an officer of the group (or designated representative) can coordinate Fellow activities for the group (events, reservations, retail space, showings, micro-grants, profile listing, etc).  Group Memberships may not include special Fellow benefits such as joint memberships.

Members of the group must still sign member agreements as normal memberships, but their fees and duration are arranged through the Group Membership (different levels available).  A Group Membership does not require the usual portfolio review, but the agreement must include a mission statement and scope of purpose in regards to the benefits of the Fellow level.  This agreement must be approved by the Cognoscenti, in lieu of a portfolio review. 

Members of the group who have a Fellow membership, as individuals, have no restrictions placed on their individual benefits as Fellows.

Small Group (2-6 members**)
                $50/month or $500/year
               Same as 1 Fellow and 1 Creative

Medium Group (7-15 members)
                $86/month or $860/year)
               Same as 1 Fellow and 4 Creative

Large Group (16-30 members***)
                $172/month or $1,720/year
               Same as 2 Fellow and 8 Creative
* Not all members of the group are required to become guild members and group fees are based on the number of paid guild members of the group and not necessarily the full roster of a group's membership.  Benefits are not extended to a group's members who are not included in the guild member roster.
** Group members who already have individual guild memberships do not count toward the groups membership level but can still be included in the benefits of the Group Membership
***Groups larger than 30 member should arrange a custom agreement with the owners