Devin Poole


Artist’s Name: Devin R. Poole (D. Rashaad)

Artistic Medium(s): Animator, Graphic Designer, Film/Music Producer, Photographer, Writer

Location: Macon, GA


Contact: 478-288-2688


Instagram: @daveorishedo

Twitter: @daveorishedo

Bio: An Eagle Scout, Visual/Graphic Artist, Photographer, and Film/Music Producer, was born in Macon, Georgia. He was educated in the Baldwin County/Jones County (Georgia) School System and a graduate of Jones County High School. As a self-taught artist, D. Rashaad has predominantly worked with traditional and nontraditional materials since he was six years of age.

He attended Central Georgia Technical College majoring in Design and Media Production Technology. He is captivated by incredible and mystical imagery, and incorporate color schemes that really adds drama and action in his artwork.

What motivated him to do art was that he initially planned on becoming an medical doctor or physician. But when he joined his High School's Art Club, his focus shifted towards developing incredible visual work, and that has been his goal ever since. He still have great respect for the medical profession to this day

Growing up, D. Rashaad was always into Cartoons, Video Games, and Graphic novels, of course. He is always incorporating Action and Sci-Fi elements in his artwork.

His inspiration comes from people and nature, and he incorporates unique appearances in graphic novel and poster illustration works that he develops. Some of his works is also Pop Art, and develops his original ideas and artwork.