Artist/dj Loganic (Christopher Logan) functions as an artistic nomad,  indulging in curious exploration, influenced by shamanic mysticism. He uncovers interesting new visual and audible worlds in which to mentally travel, encountering unique characters and environments along the way. The artistic process itself is a journey, a "faith walk" from the first stroke or tune to the last minor detail.

As a visual artist, he discovers forms, primarily through serendipitous mark-making and spontaneous creation. From a tapestry of strokes, chaotic lines and splatters, he begins his visual discovery, an excavation which allows him to play in his work, in order to unearth strange and uncanny characters. His method, a process founded from doodling, working from chaos to loose order, feels in an instinctual way his own personal aesthetic language.

His mixes or soundscapes are auditory explorations in storytelling. Along his quests in sound selection, Loganic invokes moods and emotional landscapes through the non-limited blending of genres, merging jazz fusion, soul and electronic blues with snipets of spoken-word, nature sounds and soundbites.

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