David Lintz

David Lintz is a Macon resident who has recently discovered his artistic side after retiring from a career of office work.  His current passion is in art and photography modeling where he views this new profession as an integral part of the creative process.  His goal is to collaborate with artists and photographers in creating visually provocative works as well as traditional and classical images. His modeling has included sessions in Asheville NC, Salem, NH and Philadelphia PA.   He is also a musician, playing guitar and bass, in the group Class Act, playing 30’s and 40’s popular standards, and with local theaters as an orchestra pit member.  His latest endeavor is as a playwright working on a script about a middle-aged, overweight, insecure model’s thoughts on modeling, art, and life


Artist's Name:  David Lintz

Artistic Medium(s):  Model, Writer, Musician

Websites:  http://davidlintz.tumblr.com/



Email:  davidlintz@cox.net

Phone: 478-397-1829