Beth Smith

"My artistic inspirations come into my mind through visions and dreams. I take from what is in my mind and heart and create a vision of the world and the events that shape it's history. This process begins with a rough sketch in pencil. From this first drawing, I transfer it to a canvas and begin to paint. During this time many subtle changes take place. My medium of choice is oil paint. I love the luminosity of the colors and the ability to take my time with the paint.

I love to create. As I grew older I began to loose interest in artistic things that were too obvious or literal. That's why I am so drawn to Surrealism. I wanted to create images in just such a way that no one else on the planet could have. It's capturing one precise moment in time when the obscure is laid bare for interpretation. A visual mirror of oneself. I always encourage the viewer to share with me, how the work speaks to them."

Beth is self-taught and has worked in the art field for 20 years. She is a member of the Fine Art Society of Middle Georgia.

She teaches private art students in her home studio in Warner Robins and at the Ampersand Guild . Commissions are welcomed.

Artist's Name:  Beth Smith

Artistic Medium(s):  Painting

Location:  Kathleen, GA



Phone:  478-919-4697