Indiegogo Campaign Finished!

We've come to the end of the exhausting but fulfilling process of running an Indiegogo campaign. Through this time we've spoken with so many artists, supporters of the arts, community members, friends and family of artists, and organizers of other local arts programs/institutions. Thank you all for "getting" our vision and sharing your own passion for creative community building!

We'd like especially to send big virtual welcome hugs to those who signed up for memberships, signed on as Benefactors, and straight-up donated funds to help get the Guild Hall up and running faster. Individual thank-you-and-what-next emails will be sent out to you all within a few days. If you're local or feel like making the trip, please feel free to pop in and introduce yourself, tour the space, and/or take a load off on one of our comfy chairs.

Now that the Indiegogo membership drive is complete, how do you become part of the Guild?

Glad you asked! The store is live and we're adding membership levels and merchandise as fast as humanly possible.