On Asking Permission To Take Up Space

When we last left off, I was talking about the "why?" of artist careers in Macon. I've since had a few days (though most of them were action-packed and not conducive to deep thought), and in the meantime some things happening peripherally to [&] in the art community, as well as some conversations that I've had are leading me down a path to a more comprehensive understanding of where we need to go from here with regards to alternative modes and foci of arts education.*

In the lead up to a discussion on alternative arts education, I'd like to talk about something more fundamental that has become a major conversation point in the Guild Hall over the last few weeks and was the focus of the second-day keynote presentation at the AASF - the question of who controls normative space, ways people try to access it, and whether it's a realistic option to completely reject the norm

Traveling Far to Focus on the Local

The term “local artist” is a spectrum. On one end, you can be from a place since you were born and your parents were born and so far back your family is part of everybody’s stories. On the other end, you can be “from” one place and living comfortably far away from there for the rest of your life. You can be new to a place and be a local artist there, at the same time as everywhere else you’ve ever lived – simultaneously. With all these meanings, it would seem that the title “local artist” becomes meaningless… but far from it.

Our Grand Opening Was A Grand Success!

Grand Opening on June 25th


Thanks to everyone in the community who came out to explore our space, enjoy the performances of local musicians, sample our food and beverage creations, and interact with our creative workshop stations!  We are so excited to be able to bring the work of our featured artists and performers to the attention of the local community.

Our Guild is growing every day! We're getting closer to 100 members, and we were thrilled to see so many of them stop by the Guild Hall to get acquainted with our available work spaces for visual, digital, musical, and dramatic projects of all shapes and sizes. Click here for information about becoming a Guild Member!

 Refer to the bottom of this post names and contact information for the performers featured on our stage.

You can view the piece in the Macon Telegraph about the event here

View the upcoming schedule of events (Facebook)


Featured Artists:

We are pleased to welcome inaugural gallery exhibitors Debbie Ealer, D.L. Simmons, and The Ocmulgee Artist Guild to our walls! Their work will be available for viewing and purchase until the end of July. Stop by the Guild Hall to view their complete exhibitions!

Debbie Ealer

Debbie Ealer

Debbie Ealer

"I use my photography as a way to document nature and bring its fleeting beauty to others who would not otherwise be able to see it. I find a connection with nature that I do not find anywhere else in my life. I love to add textures to my work to add a touch of magic to the natural beauty of nature around us. My goal is to enhance nature in such a way that it makes people yearn to be outside. 

I photograph small details with the use of natural light and then enhance with digital textures. The combination invokes a spiritual awareness of how vulnerable nature truly is. I have worked with my Canon 60D, but also love to shoot with my SX-70 Polaroid, my Holga 120 film camera, and my old Vivitar film camera. Each camera allows me to capture the memory in a different way. "


D.L. Simmons

D.L. Simmons

D.L. Simmons (Lee Simmons)

Lee is a native of South Carolina. He received his BFA in Studio Art from Maryland Institute College of Art then went on to earn an MFA in Printmaking from Louisiana State University. He is a working artist and professor of Art at Middle Georgia State University, and has taught at USC Upstate, Limestone College, Converse College, and Townsend University, as well as serving on the faculty of Jemicy School in Maryland, working with dyslexic and gifted youth; and as an instructor at the Spartanburg Art Museum. 

Lee has been a visiting artist for The Paper Fox Press at Lawrence University, and has recently shown at the Gallery East and Hub Bub Gallery in Spartanburg, SC; Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, LA; Winter's Ink National Printmaking Exhibition in Oxford, MS; and the American Youth Printmaking Exhibition at Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai, China.


The Ocmulgee Artist Guild

The Ocmulgee Artist Guild is a newly founded collaborative fine arts group located in the heart of Central Georgia. Founded by MGA University students and alumni, the group strives to incorporate local artists into the community by promoting burgeoning artists' shows and events. The mainstay of the group is the annual $3 Art Show, which began in May 2015. As a collective, the Ocmulgee Artist Guild looks forward to bringing contemporary ideas and events to the well-established Macon arts community. 

Grand Opening Performances

Performances featured during our Grand Opening included an eclectic mix of acoustics singer/songwriter acts, DJs, Rock Groups, and dramatic readings. Follow the links on the artists' names to learn more. Merchandise for Joshua Neal may be purchased in the Ampersand Guild Hall. 



1:00 PM Madre Padre 
1:40 PM Alex Therese
2:15 PM Josy Jones, playwright
3:00 PM Joshua Neal
4:00 PM Louise Warren
4:45 PM Choir of Babble
5:45 PM Coliseum

Louise Warren and Joshua Neal

Louise Warren and Joshua Neal





Indiegogo Campaign Finished!

We've come to the end of the exhausting but fulfilling process of running an Indiegogo campaign. Through this time we've spoken with so many artists, supporters of the arts, community members, friends and family of artists, and organizers of other local arts programs/institutions. Thank you all for "getting" our vision and sharing your own passion for creative community building!

We'd like especially to send big virtual welcome hugs to those who signed up for memberships, signed on as Benefactors, and straight-up donated funds to help get the Guild Hall up and running faster. Individual thank-you-and-what-next emails will be sent out to you all within a few days. If you're local or feel like making the trip, please feel free to pop in and introduce yourself, tour the space, and/or take a load off on one of our comfy chairs.

Now that the Indiegogo membership drive is complete, how do you become part of the Guild?

Glad you asked! The store is live and we're adding membership levels and merchandise as fast as humanly possible.